Cycle Racing

Traffic free cycle circuit racing on the fabulous Lotus Cars F1 Test Track

Passionately run by volunteers

Energetically raced by hundreds of you across the region

Enthusiastically sponsored by

Regular Racers

Racing for E, 1, 2, 3, 4 licence holders and 4th Cat only races.

E, 1, 2, 3, 4 Series
July 29

4th Cat Series
July 29

Race Results - 22nd July

race info

July 15 saw the end of the South Norfolk Council Novice Championships and the Pedal Revolution Youth Championships, with all 8 Championships being decided on night!

Well done to all winners and competitors for making a great championships!

Also a big thanks to all who came to watch, and who volunteered!

Youth & Novice
Championship Results &
Table after Round 6

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New to Lotus or Racing and got lots of questions? Can't see any answers? Don't give up - see our detailed guide for an introduction.

Racing Guide, FAQ &
Race Night Timetable

timing chips

Judging race results has always been a nightmare at Lotus! Fast, wide-opened circuit, bunch sprints of 60 riders - impossible!

This year with Pedal Revolution and Aquaterra Energy, a timing system has been kinded loaned for the use at Lotus Cars Racing and we are working hard to iron out the issues so we have bullet-proof solution for 2016. Your help and feedback is appreciated in helping us revolutionise the Lotus Racing results.

Code of Conduct

Behaviour in previous years has been impeccable and has been a major factor in obtaining permission for 2015. We therefore ask you to abide by a few simple rules.

Access to the site is from 6 - 7pm. You will directed to parking in a designated area. Do not park outside of the Clubhouse or on the grass.

A competitor or spectator caught breaking these simple rules will be banned from the Track:

  • Using cameras of any description including those on mobile phones
  • Answering the Call of Nature without using the toilets
  • Driving on the test track other than to reach the parking area
  • Parking on grass instead of the hard standing, (Mud on the test track is not conducive to testing cars)

There are some rules and regulations regarding the bikes people can ride while taking part in these races. You are NOT allowed to use bikes with tri-bars, disc brakes, flat handlebars (you must have racing drop bars) or mudguards.


The test track is located in Hethel, the SatNav postcode is: NR14 8EZ.

the circuit

The Test Track will be split up into different parts for the racing. Below is an idea of the layout of the track.

Courtesy of Lotus Cars Racing website


E, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 4th Cat Races

Entry fees: £15.00 via British Cycling website or £20.00 on day.

4th Cat fees during Championship weeks: £10 on the day.

Youth Races

Youth A&B: £6.00. Youth CDE and Novices: £5.00.

Novice Championships

For the Novice Championship events: £10.00 per rider per night or £50.00 for a team of 4 for all 6 rounds. Enter on the night only.

You must complete an indemnity form to gain access to the venue in advance please.

All Youth riders must complete a British Cycling Parental Concent form.

Want to ride safer and faster? Check out our racing academy.

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Lotus Cars Cycle Racing League. Kindly built & hosted by the team at Revolution Events.